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Putting cultural lore at the core of what we do, we want to work with our communities  in creating an environment that is culturally safe, and respectful to collaborate and engage in achieving common goals. 

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We want to encourage knowledge sharing and create spaces that individuals and groups can come together to learn and share without fear, but the courage to truth tell and to deep listen.


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We want to share culture in our knowledge building spaces to encourage understanding and opportunities for learning. 

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We see knowledge as a gift, it is our responsibility to share it with those on the journey with us.

Knowledge Exchange

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We respect the journey of knowledge building and knowledge sharing, we will ensure that respectful engagement and sharing is appropriately acknowledged.

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We honour the creative spaces that hold knowledge of story telling, songs, art, language, dance and ceremony as important to our continuous contribution to the knowledge wheel.


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We understand that each one of us is at a different stage of our cultural exchange journey, it is important to understand that the sharing of our journey enriches our songlines. Allowing us to hold deep knowing, reflect on doing and connect to being. 

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We see yarning not only as a part of cultural connecting but also a way of teaching us deep listening and healing. Each story is a connect to the past and a path to the future. 




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It is important to us to ensure that our designs carry cultural messages and images that communicate cultural protection. It is important for us to collaborate in our design space including co-designing of our core programs.


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It is important to us to continue developing our education, events and design spaces, to seek and update information relevant to our core programs and online spaces.


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We will seek and create opportunities that allow us to collaborate with cross cultural and cross sector organisations in delivering projects and programs that enhance community experience and build community leadership.


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We will seek to build strong and sustainable partnerships with community groups, organisations and individuals in achieving common goals across our programs and online spaces.


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We endeavour to create and support opportunities that will enhance learning and sharing of knowledge, work on design in collaboration with cross - cultural communities and with organisations.


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