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At the Avaivilla Group our Events stream is changing and expanding, as we collaborate more with like minded educators and creatives to bring to our spaces events that are culturally safe, engaging and meaningful with purpose. We will continue to add and make changes to our events stream as we grow.  Currently we have two streams in our event space. The Working in Two Worlds Forum which is held in November, and our wellness event Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra, held in March. 

Current and Upcoming Events

 Events Stream

Our events program is designed around our core program and offers two cultural learning opportunities to bring organisations and individuals together to share in knowledge, practices, and wellness.  We also offer community events in partnership with individuals and organisations, information regarding events will be posted on our events page and our Facebook page.

Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra.png

Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra

holding space

A gathering of sistahood, holding space with healing and wellness, through yarning, weaving and ceremony. 

Join us Tiddas. 

Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra meaning 'Heal, Well Health' in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri Nation, is an event that acknowledges First Nations Healing and Wellness practices focused on sistahood. coonection and unlearning habits that keep us in a space of exhaustion and disconnection to what is good and what is true. And that is healing our journey through acknowledgment, connection and ceremony. 

'None of us are born to journey alone, as a First Nation I learnt early that my community, family and culture are my basic protection from being disconnected from what is good and true to me, my wellness and my healing. Keeping ceremonial practices reminds me the importance of caring for self, through sharing medicine, which then connects to the overall wellness of my community'. Terori HA


Sistas joining us will share in ceremony to cleanse and renew with a full body smoking facilitated by Senior Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Diane Kerr. Aunty Di brings with her a wealth of knowledge of traditional healing practices and words of wisdom to ground and renew your space and cleanse your disconnection, inviting goodness, peace and healing. 

To end our day, we will be holding a women's yarning circle with a KOKO ceremony. KOKO (cacoa) is grown in many of the island nations in the pacific, where the practice of KOKO ceremony is protected  and shared as medicine by women. This is testament to many ceremonial practices being passed from Elders to young women, allowing the knowledge to flow through generations.    Terori will facilitate this scared medicine for acknowledging ancestors, acknowledging our broken journeys, allowing reflective of self and holding a space for acknowledgment and forgiveness. 

This will be a day filled with empowering sistahood, reconnecting to what is natural and holding space to heal, focus on wellness and hold space for ceremony to renew, reconnect and be well. 


Eco Wellness Retreat for Women


20th -23rd of August 2024

Lonnoc Beach, Santo Island. Vanuatu 

Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra


Malo (hello) and welcome to FLOAT24. We are excited to be able to bring this wellness retreat for women that promises to get you to unlearn blockers to wellness, get you grounded, refocus your energy with ceremonial koko and kava medicine, sistahood circles for truth telling and cultural activities. Along the way we promise to share stories, embrace letting go, heal, cry and laugh together. 


About FLOAT24 

Float24 is a Eco Wellness Retreat for Women organised by Avaivilla Group in partnership with Wellness and Ceremonial Knowledge holders from Australia, Vanuatu and Canada. Float24 speaks to our female energy flow, that acknowledges water ceremony and healing. The retreat is focused on grounding by bringing new and traditional knowledge and practices together. At the core of this retreat is the celebration of sistahood, acknowledging our journeys to heal, connect and acknowledge wellness by unlearning habits thinking that contribute to our disconnection and isolation to our wellness through healing and ceremonial medicine. 

At Float24, women will connect and celebrate sistahood through traditional wellness practices such as Water ceremony, Kava Ceremony and Koko Ceremony to cleanse, renew and connect our inner selves to what is pure and true - earth and water. Women will also have an opportunity to participate in cultural exchanges with the locals at our host location to learn about sustainable living and facilitate traditional activities of sharing and knowledge building. 

Our Team

Avaivilla Group will have support teams in Vanuatu and four travelling from Australia to support the retreat over four days. The event support team are there to ensure the event goes well for all and ensure that participants get to activities. Transport to and from activities and from airport in Santo will be organised by our Support Team in Vanuatu. 


The retreat will be hosted at Lonnoc Beach Eco Bungalows, Santo Island. Lonnoc Beach is a resort within a village. The accommodation is traditional island bungalows with beds, and facilities for showering and personal care. For Float24 guests attending, a special rate of $40 per night including breakfast applies to all bookings. Bookings for accommodation can be made directly with the host or via Avaivilla Group. Accommodation is payable on arrival at the location. 


Guest breakfast is included with your accommodation booking. Meals can be ordered at the onsite restaurant, Aunty Louisa is an awesome cook. Avaivilla Group will also have a cook on hand to support with meals. Meals are at your own cost. Excluding the final night, where we will be have a traditional cookout with women from the village, and share a meal together. 


Women will be able to participate in various activities including Float with Terori. Float is traditional water therapy knowledge, allowing woman to connect with water energy while releasing energy that blocks connection, wellness and healing. The amazing tidda (sister) Stella will journey with women in somatic experiences. We will update with further information on activities, locations and who will facilitate closer to the event. Here is what you can expect so far as a line up of activities at the retreat. 

  • Float sessions

  • Breath Work

  • Somatic Experiences 

  • Koko Ceremony 

  • Kava ceremony 

  • Water Drumming

  • Weaving -fan making workshop

  • Visits to Blue hole and Champagne Beach

  • Cultural Exchange 

  • Sista Circles

  • Island Cookout - traditional food / farewell dinner / night market / String band performance 







Early bird registration fee $990.00 - this fee is now open for early bookings, ending March 2024 

Full registration fee $1,390.00 - this fee will commence April 1st 2024

Registration via Humanitix 

Email form to:   or Call:  0421 887 560

Event Tee

Limited offer - Pale Blue design for FLOAT24 participants. The Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra artwork symbolises women's ceremony, acknowledging both water and land. The circle embraces sistahood and our journey together, while the feathers around the circle holds us in ceremony while we gather. The tracks or paths in the centre of the circle acknowledges our individual journeys but also our paths meeting. Our gifts of story and medicine to each other and our shared holding of spaces for healing and wellness, more importantly reconnecting us to our earth and water energy. Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra in the Woi-wurrung language means 'Heal, Well Health'. 

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Healing Ceremony Wellness - Tee order.png

+ Working in Two Worlds Forum

Friday, 3rd of May 2024

Leading together for change

Details coming Soon.

Working in Two Wrlds Forum









Past events

Heal well health v2.png

+ Ngarra-Djarra Gurri Bunmarra Women's Wellness Gathering

The Ngarra-djarra Gurri Bunmarra Women's Gathering was bliss, thanks to amazing women who gathering to hold space. Women who came together to hold space with healing and wellness practices from First Nations in Australia and the Pasifika Nations together in sharing healing and wellness through storytelling, ceremony and connecting.  Ngarra- djarra Gurri Bunmarra, meaning 'Heal, Well Health' in the Woi-wurrung language of the Wurundjeri Nation, is a gathering for women, both First Nations and Allies alike from all walks of life to come together in a space of cultural sharing and healing. 

It was an emotional day, filled with truth raw and honest, healing, redirecting, connecting and wellness. Women holding space for each other, wishing nothing but goodness and wellness for each other. Many of us are still in that space of healing and reconnection to what grounds us, what allows us to move forward. Ngarra-djarra Gurri Bunmarra, gave us a space to come together, for healing, for wellness and to journey together. Big esso (thanks) to our sponsors, partners and supports for making this event so amazing and wonderful to share with women in the sista circle. We look forward and invite women to our next sista circle. 

Go to our highlights page to see images from the gathering and images from other events. 

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