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Our training streams holds our core program, the 8 Ways of Knowing, within this program we provide the Working in two worlds workshops and our cultural leadership training in collaboration with our partners.

Training & Events

Training Stream

Our training steam holds our core program ‘8 Ways of Knowing’. The 8 Ways of Knowing program is a relational learning system that is based on the traditional knowledge wheel – a process of building cultural knowledge and sharing that is passed down through generations. First Nations knowledge is traditionally transmitted to the next generation of knowledge keepers at different stages of maturity and wisdom. The 8 ways of knowing learning process allows deep understanding, connection and practice that embeds cultural identity and understanding.

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+ Working in Two Worlds Training 

Our sessions for 2024 are limited. Call us to make a booking. 

The Working in Two Worlds Training is designed for non-first nations allies working with and in the First Nations space and is suitable for multidisciplinary staff and management teams, as well as individuals wanting to build further cultural knowledge. The Working in Two Worlds Training is focussed on workplace practices and systems that impact cultural safety and includes unpacking some of these topics such as cultural obligation, engagement with First Nations peoples and communities, barriers in the workplace, communication in two worlds and building strong allies. 

Our 2024 training sessions are filling up fast. To book your 'working in two worlds' team training, call us on 0421 887 560.

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2024 sessions filling fast

Book your team training today.


Builds deep cultural understanding of First Nation ways of Knowing, Doing and Being.

Builds on understanding of cultural safety and importance of cultural mentoring.

Builds understanding of the importance of two-way learning and sharing of knowledge and practice.

An opportunity for Non-First Nation allies to yarn and unpact common issues in the workplace in relation to First Nation employment, retention and career progression.

Unpacks cultural communication and its impacts on First Nation employees who work in two-worlds.

Unpacks common practices that impact or influence First Nation experiences of working in mainstream organisations.

Unpacks and builds understanding of cultural obligation and barriers in the workplace for First Nation employees.

Discusses appropriate protocols of engagement with First Nation communities and building sustainable partnerships.

+ Cultural Leadership Workshops

This training is designed to decolonize leadership structures by unpacking the different leadership models that we come across within workplaces and building understanding of leadership from a First Nations perspective, and what cultural leadership brings to our experiences as leaders within our communities, organisations, and groups. Avaivilla Group facilitates this workshop in collaboration with our partners, to bring a three world understanding of leadership in community

+ Current Leadership Workshops - 2023

We are very excited to be partnering with some deadly organisations for the 2023 Wyndham's Building Block Community Leadership Program - with Hot House Community Projects, Track C and Wyndham City Council.

This year's Wyndham Building Blocks program is an incredibly special learning journey seeking new and emerging community leaders who have the energy, heart and desire to lead their communities on the journey towards reconciliation in Wyndham.

Where participants can expect an immersive experience that will embrace First Nation's practices, foster a deeper understanding of culture and history and build strong cultural allyship. This is a free program, comprised of 15 sessions plus a project pathway option and graduation. The program will be commencing Saturday 25 March 2023, with applications closing on the 19th of February. To learn more

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Cultural Lead
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